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Nobody Can Tell Your Story as Well as You Can.. but a brand must go beyond just yourself. What does it take to differentiate?

Which raises one incredibly important question: Why use a ghostwriter at all? Seriously. If nobody can bring your story to life as well as you, why have them try at all?

It all comes down to time.

One common misconception about ghostwriting is that the writers fundamentally have access to something you don’t — that they’re mystical storytellers who can drive change by communicating in just the right way.

After all, presidents, executives, actors, thought leaders, and even some athletes, all have teams of ghostwriters working day in and day out on all sorts of communications — speeches, social media posts, press releases, emails, comments, and so on.

Ghostwriters are usually well-read, well-researched, and they have an excellent understanding of the English language. (Quick: What’s the difference between a hyphen and an em dash?)


Ghostwriters spend hours and hours tinkering with sentence structure, choosing their words carefully, and crafting clever arguments. They tackle complex issues with nuance, they fine-tune ideas, and they have an innate way with words. But, oftentimes, they’re missing the one thing all good writing hinges on detail.

Want to talk about a pivotal time in your life, you need the details. If you want to write about the things that are important to you, you need details about why. If you want to connect emotionally to your audience, you need to be able to articulate a powerful set of narratives.

Powerful writing is detailed writing.

Which puts ghostwriters in a tricky position, because they don’t always have the necessary information to make stories powerful.


For example, say you were selected to address a group of young professionals. Here are some things a writer might want to know to give a powerful speech:

  • Your family life growing up
  • Your family life now
  • Your educational background
  • Your professional background
  • Your struggles entering the workforce
  • A breakthrough moment in your career
  • A few major setbacks you’ve faced
  • A good boss you’ve had
  • A bad boss you’ve had
  • Your self-care routine
  • Your exercise routine

I could go on and on, but the point is clear: good writing requires details — details that only you have access to.

We Had No Idea What We Were In For

When BW Missions was just getting started, we had no idea what was in store. As we began to branch out in various content themes through various content platforms, our prospect was simple: probe deeper to resonate and connect with our audience. What wasn’t so simple, was putting that goal into action. We realized it would require an army.

An army of right arms.

Everyday leaders need help constructing their voice. Executives are on the frontier of securing business strategies and operations daily, and simply don’t have the time to construct a thorough, thought-through, and detailed article 3x a week.

It takes time to collect your thoughts. It takes time to structure your argument. It takes time to do background research on your audience.

Getting it just right takes time.

Good writing just takes time.

And to any successful entrepreneur or leader, the most scarce, sacred resource they have, is time. This is why you need a ghostwriter.

Ghostwriters are the right arm of the brand. They are the powerful bond that connects a leader to their brand story. They are the evangelists of a story and mission.

The story that we tell at BW Mission’s is one that is deeply embedded around the goals and opportunities of our mission and our clients’ mission. We understand that authentically disseminating our story has the power to transform and connect communities. That is why we take the time and care to onboard ghost-writers who are a voice-match to our brand.

To be an evangelist of any brand, you have to not only understand your message but also deeply care about it.

When we are deciding who to work with, who to hire, or who to reach out to, we want to know how they think. Are they putting forth ideas on issues in business and society or is there radio silence?

Are they constantly challenging how the world thinks or do they mostly keep their thoughts to themselves? Are they somebody who thinks critically and often, or are they repackaging old ideas every once in a while?

This is where ghostwriters add value. They take the stories and ideas of our leaders and help broadcast them. They’re thought-partners.

They’re people who help put your viewpoints on the page. They’re somebody to bounce ideas off of. They’re timesavers just as much as they’re communication specialists.

If you’re in an organization that’s growing, you need a ghostwriter. Because the earlier you start developing that relationship, the faster you establish a content machine and spread your message.

For me writing this, here are just two of the parts of my life I’ve recently outsourced:

  • My 2x/month grocery runs with a set system
  • Calendar Scheduling and hiring a personal assistant
  • And, we’ve learned to delegate just about everything in the business

When you use a ghostwriter, you’re paying for their time as much as you’re paying for their expertise. You’re also paying to free up your mind to focus on the most important objectives of the company.

If you can reduce the amount of time you spend on communications from a few hours to a few minutes, it’s generally a worthwhile investment.

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CEO, BW Missions I Crafting Pathways to Belonging for Authors, Entrepreneurs, CEOs, and Young Professionals Twitter/IG: bryanwish_

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Bryan Wish

Bryan Wish

CEO, BW Missions I Crafting Pathways to Belonging for Authors, Entrepreneurs, CEOs, and Young Professionals Twitter/IG: bryanwish_

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