For over 2 years, BW Missions has worked with Rich Keller to build the branding arm of our business. Rich has more than 25 years of experience in corporate branding and marketing at companies like Nabisco, Kraft Foods, Cadbury, and Godiva.

The more I work with authors, business leaders, and CEOs to market their products, the more I realized the importance of starting with a strong brand foundation.

At the outset of creating a brand, not much thought is usually given to shaping the brand’s identity. CEOs, entrepreneurs, and authors tend to look at the product they want to sell…

Picture this: You have a dream of being an entrepreneur, working for a startup, and rising to the corporate ranks. You succeed for a long time, put work ahead of your health, family, relationships, finances, and make tremendous sacrifices for one pillar of your life.

All of a sudden, when these efforts, solely diversified in one basket of your life go bust, it can bring you/us down quickly.

As a young professional, you’re surrounded by the pressure to succeed. Everyone around you is focused on their career, and work starts to become synonymous with self-worth. Many of us know this…

During my junior year of college, I reached a low point. After spending so long overachieving and trying to prove that I was more than my prior shortcomings, I had to take a hard look in the mirror. I had to re-evaluate my path.

As I’ve shared in previous articles, I only gained the mental clarity and proper headspace to evolve by spending time in solitude, attending therapy, and making a habit to journal .

I returned to college my senior year completely transformed. The relationships that kept me nourished and grounded for the prior 3 years didn’t hold the…

In the fall of 2016, I was almost a year into my startup journey building Wish Dish. One of my mentors named Jason Belzer said to me, “Bryan, I think going to Forbes U30 Conference in Boston would be good for you.”

I booked my flight and hotel that night, eagerly awaiting my departure date.

I knew the conference would be an important event, but I didn’t know how it would impact me for years to come. I didn’t know that I’d learn a powerful lesson there, one that every young ambitious professional should learn.

When I arrived in Boston…

Guessing isn’t strategic, but experimenting is.

Many times in marketing, you need to make outbound projections with little to no confidence in your inbound techniques. The lack of confidence is not a reflection of subpar skills or poor practices. Rather, it comes from watching numbers remain static, or worse, decrease despite generous, well-informed efforts.

Marketing, now more than ever, requires agile adjustments and nimble techniques to keep up with the turbulence of our times. In our technology-ruled world, the conversation and its protagonists are changing hour by hour, minute by minute.

Audiences from all pools–nonprofit, public affairs, fashion, e-commerce, governmental…

To become a C-suite executive at a multibillion-dollar company–or any other remarkable and sought-after role typically requires a lifetime commitment of training. You don’t become a point guard from watching someone else play basketball, it takes actually playing, having your opponents in your face, and stepping out into the action to know what it’s like.

The only preparation for undertaking an executive role is practice, experience, and perseverance. No amount of schooling or reading can prepare you alone.

On the path to becoming a thought leader in a C-level position, you not only take on a remarkably diverse range of…

Humans are social creatures. It’s in our DNA to socialize, form relationships, and be a part of a group. (This is why the social isolation aspect of the pandemic has been so psychologically difficult.) To do this, we communicate; we exchange ideas and opinions, share details of our lives, bond over shared interests, and more, all in the name of finding a place where we belong.

As a thought leader, you know what you want to say and you want to share that message in hopes of making a wider impact. In doing so, your success is a direct result…

Photo by Dan Gribbin on Unsplash

Self-doubt is a crippling force. It’s one of the most overwhelming obstacles we must overcome in our pursuit of fulfillment in both ourselves and our relationships.

Why is this barrier so difficult to break? Well, it’s one that we build ourselves — and sometimes, we don’t even know we’ve done so at all.

Have you been standing in your own way this whole time?

Self-esteem, self-confidence, and real clarity about who we are and what we stand for aren’t always easy to learn. It often feels so much easier to shift our focus outwards. …

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So many people trudge through the world feeling misunderstood or out of place. All too often, we’re socialized to “fit in” and seek acceptance instead of being encouraged to stand out. We’re taught to try our very best every day to look, act, and come across the way other people expect us to.

Until we examine what kind of person we’re trying to be internally, it’s impossible to know why we’re here. Until we know where we’re headed and want to end up, how can we possibly feel even an ounce of fulfillment along the way?

Why are we taught…

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Why do people become super-fans of athletes and actors? Rarely is it purely because of a celebrity’s talent on the field or screen. People fall in love with the entire package: the talent, the story, the persona, etc. The same can be said for thought leaders and experts. The best thought leaders are those who have a well-developed personal brand that extends beyond just their product.

You’re more than a CEO, entrepreneur, author, or whatever you are. You are a brand.

Your life experiences, personality, way of thinking, and outlook all come together to create a unique, recognizable brand that…

Bryan Wish

CEO, BW Missions I Crafting Pathways to Belonging for Authors, Entrepreneurs, CEOs, and Young Professionals Twitter/IG: bryanwish_

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